What People Say

“It’s great having you aboard. The board meeting was very fruitful. Much of what we accomplished resulted from the framework you provided at the beginning of our discussion. We are off to a good start.” – Board Member, Museum Client

“[Carson Harper] provided excellent nonprofit development consulting as well as excellent grant writing strategies that assisted me in growing two nonprofits I led as CEO.” – Executive Director, Social Justice Client

“I’d like to add my personal thanks to you, as well as express my admiration for your professionalism and positive attitude.  You managed to navigate the nuances of each expressed opinion, helping us to arrive at a concerted path toward a successful event.  I look forward to working with you!” ~ Board Member, Arts and Culture Client

“You were masterful.  Your most significant accomplishment was turning around the skeptics.  They are now fully on board with the fundraiser.  That’s why when the meeting ended I knew the fundraiser would be successful. – Executive Director, Education Client

“I am pleased to have the opportunity to recommend Theresa. She always demonstrated her talent, was a pleasure to work with, was a fair and effective manager, and she was entirely successful in achieving the organization’s goals. She was innovative, a seasoned nonprofit best practices expert, and a committed professional. She has a genuine passion for the nonprofit sector’s focus on the betterment of the community. She was a proficient and patient instructor and mentor, articulate and bright, and she also always found time to make herself available to me. She not only encouraged me at each step but encouraged a new career that twelve years later I am still practicing. I am pleased to wholly recommend her not only because she is a talented and intelligent expert who was fun to work with, but she is also someone who I am confident will further her client’s successes, efficiently and effectively, for them and our community.” – Staff, Health and Human Services Client