Giving USA Numbers Just Released

Let's Talk Philanthropy

headshot of suzanne allenOn June 17, Giving USA published their 2014 Report and folks around the country gathered to review the data and talk about the implications. I was invited to be a part of the Cincinnati group by Jim Yunker, President & CEO of Smith Beers Yunker & Company, Inc., and after the presentation, I served on a panel with Jim Schwab from Interact for Health and Sr. Sally Duffy from Sisters of Charity. We talked about how the data impact the work we do and the trends we see ahead.

So let’s look at the data first:

From the Giving USA 2014 Report, we learn that charitable giving in the United States rose 4.4 percent to $335.17 billion last year; if the trends continue, pre-recession giving levels could be seen as early as 2015. The “Giving Pie” – the pie chart we all use to show categories of givers –…

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