The Top Nonprofit Blogs In The World- Proud To Get A Mention!

one swallow makes a summer

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles/ Image courtesy of Stuart Miles/

I am stunned and so happy to report that this blog is on the latest list of the ‘Top 150 Nonprofit Blogs’!

We’re at 113, which I think isn’t bad considering the blog is just over a year old.

I blogged about this list last August and since then, that blog piece has been one of my most popular. I think there’s a real appetite online for blogs about the charity/nonprofit sector, but there still aren’t enough of them out there.

In particular I don’t think there are enough from the UK. There are some great UK sites on the list- including Third Sector (who I also blog for), UKFundraising and Craig Linton. I look forward to seeing more in the coming years. I particularly hope an increasing number of charity leaders blog- see my tips in the guide here and look out…

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