35 ways to thank your donors

Dr. Sarah W. Mackey

Thanks Donor stewardship is a critical component of the fundraising cycle. Through providing prompt and personal thank you messages to donors, nonprofit organizations can show gratitude for donations received and nurture donor relationships to foster future support. It is a promising practice to thank donors 7 times, before asking for another donation.

Consider these strategies to thank donors:

  1. Write a handwritten note
  2. Host a donor appreciation event
  3. Provide donors with a photograph of a service beneficiary holding a “thank you” sign
  4. Post a thank you message on the nonprofit’s Facebook page
  5. Invite board member to make thank you phone calls to donors
  6. Invite donors to coffee and share updates on what was accomplished with their donation
  7. Invite a donor to breakfast with the board chair for a peer-to-peer thank you
  8. Mail a newspaper clipping of a recent article to a donor and thank the donor for the support to make the project possible
  9. Take donors on…

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