What is the Difference between Mission, Values and Vision?

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Developing Business ValuesThe formation of your Mission, Values, and Vision statements can be very confusing. While there are a myriad of definitions for these terms, organizations adopt such statements based on their individual circumstances.

All elements of a strategic plan should be a reflection of the organization’s mission and values:

  • The mission statement articulates the organization’s purpose. “Why do we exist?”
  • The values statement describes how members of the organization will behave.  “What do we believe in?”
  • The vision statement describes what the organization will become (envisioned future). “What do we want to be?”

Thus the mission, values and vision become a precursor for the formation of strategy, which is the organization’s competitive game plan.

How to craft the mission statement: 

Crafting a mission statement can be a daunting task.  While there are no best practices or rules that prescribe what a mission statement must look like, it is typically consumed by both…

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