How to Successfully Request Event Sponsorships for your Nonprofit

Nonprofit Advisor

Your favorite charity has a dinner every year to raise money, to help your community.  Although there was a lot of money raised from the event, you think you could do a lot more.  You decide to put on your own fundraiser.  Is it easy to put together a fundraiser for a nonprofit?

  • Make a plan

Make out a plan of how you are going to make your event work.Plan the expenses of your event and know how much money and how many sponsors you are going to need to make your charity event a success.

  • When should you reach out?

You should want to reach out to your sponsors as far in advance as you can.Reaching out to a sponsor with less than four months, from the time of your event will result in a probable no.Most companies have fixed budgets for charity work, and they usually plan where their money…

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