Substance or Fluff? Why Team Building Matters

Eos Nonprofit Consulting

When you work in a nonprofit, a cohesive team is arguably the most crucial component to fulfilling the organization’s mission. The stresses, heavy workloads and low compensation rates associated with being on staff at a nonprofit can create a perfect storm for dissatisfied employees, heavy turnover and the expenses related with training, hiring and lost productivity. Nonprofit employees tend to be heavily invested in the cause of their organization, which is a great thing – but can also lead to emotions running high and disagreements running rampant.

Many nonprofit managers take this as an unavoidable part of the nonprofit world, but does it necessarily have to be? What steps can a manager take to build a happier, more productive team? A case study done for the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) indicates that one component of successful team-building is making a purposeful activity in the strategic plan of the…

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