What are six best practices for seeking grants?

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AmeriCorps Vista LogoBy Joseph Hennen, Best Practices AmeriCorps VISTA

As an AmeriCorps VISTA, I was assigned to conduct research on best practices in youth programming and nonprofit management for the Indiana Youth Institute in 2012 and 2013. During my assignment, I discovered a great deal about effective practices for youth-serving nonprofit organizations. Below are six key findings for grant seekers:

  1. Before applying for grants, make sure your organization is grant-ready. Although it may be tempting to apply for as many grants as fast as possible, successful grant seeking and writing requires that an organization is not facing serious issues like a high rate of board turnover, a difficult executive transition in the near future, or recent negative public attention. Your organization must also be able to invest enough time, money, and personnel in the grant seeking process.[1]
  2.  Clarify the organization’s case for receiving grant funding. You should compile essential organizational information…

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