An Intro to the Results-Only Work Environment

Eos Nonprofit Consulting

What does a dream work environment look like for you? As with most of my generation, I want more out of my employer than any other generation has asked for before. Dan Schawbel recently blogged about how Millennials will shape the future of work, and he certainly described my feelings to a T. One of the things he mentions is that Millennials are extremely aware that “(t)he traditional 9 to 5 workday isn’t relevant in a 24/7 technology driven world, where we’re always ‘on call’. Where and when work should get done is irrelevant. All that matters is business results!”

That’s essentially the entire point of ROWE: results-only work environment, a newer model of management and workplace culture. If you’re not familiar with ROWE, take a moment to check out In short,

Results-Only Work Environment goes beyond telework. It’s a management strategy where employees are evaluated…

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