Do You Have What It Takes? Self-Evaluation for Would-Be Grant Writers

How to Get a School Grant

The summer is here, it’s a good time to see if you have what it’s going to take to mount an effective grant seeking campaign, and it’s the time to gather your energy to do so.

At any time during the school year many teachers and administrators decide they need to find grant money for their schools.  With budget cuts that many schools have suffered the last couple of years, I’m sure that this year will not be an exception.  Many educators will want to find grant money.  The question becomes, “Do you have what it takes to go out and get the grant money you need?” This is a question that individuals need to ask themselves, and school leaders need to ask about their school communities. Grant writing is a process, and it’s about developing relationships within and outside your school community. There are no short cuts.

I believe…

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