Ten Requisites to Retain Development Directors

The Good Counsel

YAegGCLhvo0aJugTGHimYcWBFvZBeakoqI8_Avwh8p8-1 A Post from James V. Toscano

Since the release of the Underdeveloped Study, much has been written here and elsewhere about the state of development and fundraising offices and people in nonprofit organizations.

We have been somewhat shocked by what we read in the report on short tenures, distrust, misunderstanding, and intentions to terminate and to leave. All in all, the report gives a picture of a disaster happening before our eyes.

We know there are many places where this is not happening, yet we also know a number of nonprofits where elements of this picture are present, some in abundance.

Two previous pieces on what Boards and candidates should do in the hiring process have appeared here and here, but what about those already on board? How do we both energize development directors and how do we retain the successful ones over a longer period of time? There…

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