There Is No One “Right Way”


tips and tricksLet’s get this straight from the get go: there is no one “right way” to write a grant. We all have individual writing styles with unique quirks in phrasing, structure, and expression. Reviewers aren’t grading your writing “voice”- they are scoring how well you describe your project!  How well did you establish your problem? Does your prescribed solution/project adequately address that problem? Even more importantly, does your project fit within the grant program’s funding priorities? Asnwering these questions well are key to being a successful grant writer.

Here are some simple tips & tricks to help you in addressing these questions:

1) Be clear and concise! Your reviewer shouldn’t be left scratching their heads about what the problem(s) is. This should be immediately evident.

2) Provide strong data, statistics, and maybe even a real-life anecdote. Convey the urgency and/or consequence of your problem by backing it up with local data and…

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