Board Fundraising: A Personal Gift

The Imperfect Board Member


This topic is always one to be discussed and debated in the industry.  For many who are new to board service, the concept of board members making a personal financial gift to the organization is new and can often be the deciding factor on whether they will pursue board service altogether.

However, it’s important to understand that one of the primary responsibilities of a board member is to fundraise, to raise money.  This begins with making a personal financial commitment to the organization.  Many nonprofits have specific language in the bylaws that requires board members to contribute as a condition of board service.

When board members demonstrate this type of personal commitment, it serves three very important purposes.

  1. Demonstrates organizational leadership commitment that can be used in grant applications.
  2. Demonstrates leadership commitment to other board members.
  3. Demonstrates leadership commitment when asking for donations.

The worst situation a board member can…

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