The Imperfect Board Member


Running a nonprofit organization is not any different than running any other organization with a set of rules, programs, policies and procedures.  A board of directors at any nonprofit, regardless of mission, has a common set of responsibilities.

  1. Establish the mission and objectives for the organization.
  2. Participate in the annual planning process.
  3. Monitor and strengthen the programs and services that help to achieve the mission.
  4. Hire and evaluate the chief executive/executive director.
  5. Recruit new board members.
  6. Be the ambassador for the organization in the community and with stakeholders.
  7. Establish the budget, and provide financial oversight.
  8. Ensure decisions are made with legal and ethical integrity.

While we are referring to this list as a common set of responsibilities, common doesn’t imply agreed upon.  A great exercise for your board is to review this list as part of a board meeting or annual retreat to ensure there is agreement and understanding.

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