The Grant Writer's Life

Sometimes I’m asked about my career path to becoming grant writer, but like most grant professionals, I sort of fell into it. There is no college degree in grant writing — although a degree in English or communications, philanthropy or public administration can certainly be helpful. There is also no certification required by potential employers*. In fact, I dare say that in most cases grant writing experience coupled with a track record of success trumps a degree or certification any day. This is because experience + “grant writerly” attributes = funded proposals (i.e., the track record).

Among my colleagues, I have observed that those who truly enjoy grant writing (myself included) possess certain characteristics that drive their success. Specifically, you might be a grant writer if:

  • You’re obsessive about organization.
  • You’ll do whatever it takes to get the job done, which usually means working nights and weekends, or tapping your…

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