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hole in bucketLast week I spent an hour on the phone with Jay Love, the founder and CEO of Bloomerang, which is the new online donor management and retention service. Jay is the same guy who brought eTapestry to the non-profit industry before selling it to Blackbaud a few years ago.  It was during the product demonstration with Jay that I had the following thoughts:

  • Donor retention is a huge issue that is killing too many fundraising programs.
  • There are tons of tools and best practices available for those wanting to tackle this problem.
  • The root problem contributing to the donor retention epidemic is likely lack of resources and time for most non-profit organizations.
  • The solution doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, simple solutions are probably the most sustainable.

Let’s take a few minutes to flesh out a few of these thoughts.

Donor turnover is an epidemic

donor retention1Allyson Kapin at…

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