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How many times have you said “our project was so creative and different, I don’t understand why we were rejected”.  Sometimes we forget that grantmakers assess our applications for funding based on their criteria and not our own.  Before you submit your next proposal, examine your program and application using the following criteria.*

1. Program fit with the grantmakers’ mission.

2. Fit with the grantmakers funding priorities and desired outcomes. blog criteria

3. Clear, measurable program benefits to the community.

4. Program potential for lasting impact, including sustainability.

5. Demonstrated community support, e.g. volunteer time, partnerships with other organizations, cash or in-kind support from the corporate community and individual donors.

6. Program that build more inclusive communities and address barriers.

7. The grantmakers is the appropriate funder for your program.

Give your application the best change of being successful by first ensuring it meets the requirements of the grantmaker.


*Ontario Trillium…

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