This is a cogent argument for why giving doesn’t mean sacrificing. A few small choices adds up to huge change for people whose lives are at stake.

The Militant Pacifist

I recently read Peter Singer’s book The Life You Can Save. Part moral argument for philanthropy and part practical manual for giving, his book takes you through the complexities of deciding why you should give, how much you should give, and who you should give to. Without tugging on anyone’s heart strings with an inappropriate amount of force, he brilliantly guides you through the reasons that we ought to constantly think about how our lives and our resources could be used to better serve others. 

He shows us how each day we make a series of seemingly insignificant choices about how we spend our money. We buy a $4 latte on the way to work; we spend $30 on a meal we could have easily made at home; we buy the $60 shirt that will basically serve the same purpose as the one we could have bought at a thrift store…

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