Classroom to Capitol

I came across a study that asserts that 65% of all American charitable giving has no research behind it.

In some ways, that’s surprising, right? With all of the talk about accountability and transparency?

It seems like people would want to know where their money is going. Instead, we mostly just give–when we’re moved, when we’re guilty, when we’re connected to those who need the gifts.

And we hope that our gifts will make a difference.

But we don’t really know.

I thought about these data, and about how we give, over the Christmas holiday, when Sam and I sat down to make our end-of-the-year charitable contributions.

Because nonprofits need us to give better. They need us to use our dollars to help them focus on results and support them in reaching for excellence. They need us to give in ways that make sense for their work, instead of just…

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