Grant Results

Using a template to apply for a grant is seldom smart. It rarely yields a grant. And when a funder does award a grant, as often as not its recipient sooner or later comes to regret its good fortune.


This post is the first in a series on the use of templates, clones, and boilerplate in grant writing.


‘Template’ Defined:

The Business Dictionary defines ‘template’ as: a ‘design, mold, or pattern of an item (or a group of items) that serves as a basis or guide for designing or constructing similar items.’ Similarly, in the context of grant seeking, templates may be defined as: ‘ready-made frameworks for generating grant applications to be submitted to a specific grant maker and/or a specific grant opportunity.’ Some grant seekers use them as a way to speed up the process and reduce the costs of preparing proposals from scratch. More often than…

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