Policies Your Nonprofit Needs

Dr. Sarah W. Mackey

Policies provide a framework to assist in the decision making process for individuals in organizations. In a nonprofit organization, it is the responsibility of the board of directors to adopt and amend policies for the organization.

Although each organization is unique and has needs for specific policies related to service delivery, there are key policies that every nonprofit organization should consider adopting.  It is these policies that guide the actions individuals should take in making decisions and fulfilling the organization’s mission.

Policies for Nonprofit Organizations
In addition to program and organization specific policies, the following are policies nonprofit organizations can consider adopting:

Bylaws:  Outlines how the organization is to be governed.

Code of Ethics: Strategies and guidelines to help determine what is right and wrong.

Compensation Policy:  Process in which the board determines the salary of the executive director/CEO.

Confidentiality Policy:  What information is to not be shared with…

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