Tips for Working with your Board Chair

Arandee Consulting

Lessons from the Field:  Using Your Head and Heart for Working with your Board Chair: Ten Tips for Success

Task—The ‘Head’

  1. Train board chair on his/her role.  Ask for him/her to identify their training needs in terms of skills and knowledge.
  2. Provide resources needed to help him/her succeed.  If training has been identified as a need, do what you can to secure resources to provide that training.  Share knowledge with him/her on how to do their job more effectively.  As you become aware of helpful resources, share them with him/her.  Point them to resources that are available online and check for resources with other community partners in your region.
  3. Clarify expectations—what you expect of him/her as well as what they may expect of you.  Initiate conversation to help him/her identify what they think they need from you and vice versa.
  4. Plan board meetings, developing the agenda together.  Ask for his/her…

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