Employees Engagement and Innovation Viewed as a Systemic Process

Organization Development Network of Western New York

In organization development we are entering a time of VUCA ( volatile; uncertain; complex; ambiguous )  and this creates a paradoxical need for felt stability  while employees, management, products, and processes are changing.

This made me consider employee engagement and its direct link to innovation through making meaningful progress ( small wins ) in work that matters to people.

Below is a chart created called the 5 Levers of Employee Engagement.

5 Levers for Employee Engagement_chart-001

The argument behind the 5 Levers is that engagement can happen on a short term basis and is the build up of interactions between the employee and manager.

The innovation and engagement arises from each of the 5 Levers being used together to allow employees to feel respected, employed to their full-capacity and able to do their great work within boundaries set by the…

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