Glass Half Full

There is no doubt that the last month or so has been tumultuous – we elected a president, we saw the east coast hammered by a once in a century storm, we grieved the loss of Ambassador Christopher Stevens in Libya and we watch and wonder if peace can come in our lifetime. But these aren’t the only events unfolding. More and more people are voting nationwide – especially those who have been marginalized in the past. Climate change and clean fuel technologies are coming into the mainstream as a national priority. And we seem to be looking at education and workforce development with an eye toward inclusion and equity through the development of policy and resources that are culturally sensitive, reach those with physical and intellectual disabilities, and demonstrate commitment to home-grown talent. We are optimistic about the coming year and believe there is reason for people in the nonprofit sector to feel the same way. Outcomes are important but changing a life cannot always be seen in hard data. Sometimes our impact is measured in smiles. We are reflective as we approach what we consider the holiday of gratitude. The glass is half full and rising. {theresa}

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